Monday, February 4, 2013

Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet CNY Snacks *new pattern*

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Chinese New Year is around the corner! I bet everyone is happy and excited like I do except my friends who has start working as an intern, I wish you all the best! ^^ Next year would be my turn, quite excited la..hehe! Wondering where I'll be working but sad thing is that's the end of my study life once I begin my intern..that means no more holidays! :-( But alright la..still need to move on pain no gain! XD Just stay positive la...

Today, ehhem...the blog owner who is! Is going to show you a so called "new pattern" in making cny snacks! you a selca first in case you forgot how she looks! ><

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This is the new snacks that I am going to show you! Hehe...I knew this from a auntie in my gym centre who is folding it, then I busy body go ask what she is doing..then she said she is folding the dahfa dried fish fillet and going to fry it as one of the cny snacks!

I think is very cute lo! So I decided to make it on my own! She said people is selling one small plastic container for RM25! Wah..may be next cny I can earn this as my side income! Lol..

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This is the Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet that I mentioned! The only ingredient that you need! Very easy right? And is not troublesome at all! I bet many of you like this? I think you never expect it can be treated as one of the cny snacks! *wink* But some people dislike it because of the fishy smell. 

I didn't buy such a big packet, this big packet 750g would be cheaper selling at RM28. You have to buy it from wholesaler shop. I bought the regular packet 150g from Tesco since it is having promotion which cost RM4.88 each. So I bought 5 packets and fold it on my own at home without help from mummy *since she is working* and sis. 

I fold it when I'm watching Astro On Demand TVB drama! Lol..Finish one packet takes approximately one and a half hour or nearly two hour. T.T Eat very fast la not even 30 secs! 

 photo IMG_0896_zps9daa1007.jpg

Okay, show you how to do it.
Take two strips.

 photo IMG_1175_zpsffff4c1c.jpg

Fold into half.

 photo IMG_1176_zpsbd466e42.jpg

Fold again.

 photo IMG_1177_zpsd01d0648.jpg

Then take another fish fillet to tie it up like a ribbon.

 photo IMG_1178_zps87a4df7b.jpg

So total 3 fish fillet needed to make a kind of like flower shape. You can put more if you want but like that too huge then don't look nice d!

 photo IMG_1179_zps6dc764d9.jpg

Tadaa! Done! This is the outcome! Quite hard to tie one you have to be very gentle if not it will break. And if it is not tight enough, when you fry, it will open! Lol..

Erm, it tasted like fried crabmeat! Very crispy! So after fry, it won't have the fishy smell already. Fry crabmeat is very common lo and no shape one, but this one flower shape, *to me is flower shape la*, lol, so I think give people is very naise! Sincere enough...hahahahah! 

 photo IMG_0945_zpscff610e3.jpg

Erm, when you fry, you heat up the oil first, then when you start seeing a bit of bubbles then you can lower it to medium fire because if your oil is too hot, the fish fillet can easily burned in just a few seconds. 

So at the beginning you should fry a few first to try the heat until it turned yellow in colour. Then immediately remove from heat, drain well and keep aside cz it can easily burned. Seriously very fast. 
Tips: If you want it to be golden in colour then remove from heat immediately after it turned yellow. 

I have a container which is totally burned one! >< Wasted! So I share with you hope you will do better than me..haha! Practice makes perfect la..

And make sure your oil is sufficient to cover the whole fish fillet if it touches the wok, it can burned too! Trials and errors la..just be prepared there will definitely some burned one! Lol..make sure after you fry, drain it with kitchen towels before you put into the plastic container. 

Apart from that, I do the chicken floss with popiah skin too! *cz I like chicken floss* This one takes longer time than the fish fillet but at least this is easier to fry than fish fillet lo..give and take la! Lol..

 photo IMG_1171_zps26b96726.jpg

Tadaa! *again* The outcome! *golden in colour* but beside got one container is all burned one! Lol..Mummy help me to fry as well..I must have helper cz seriously it burned too fast! Haha..Still have a week before cny, may be you can try it out if you like! ^^

Happy..finally I have some cny snacks to give to my relatives! Yeah..If I missed out any one of you, don't blame me cz seriously I make too little d! :-(

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

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May be I will blog how to make taroball in the next post! Bought sweet potatoes already. After I've done I will blog about it la! :-)

Last selca before I end my post! 
The new spikes leather cap that I bought from KL! Cheap! Chio hor! Lol..

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  1. Where can i get the 750g dahfa fried fish fillet?Thank you

    1. Hi, are you a Penangites? Do you know where is China House in Beach Street? Beside China House there is a snacks wholesaler shop but sorry I forgot the name already..hehe..if not there are also snacks wholesaler shops near to GAMA Georgetown and First Avenue Mall. If you are still doubt with it, may be you can email me personally then I can share with you further in details. :-)
      I'm not sure anywhere else if it is out of Penang but usually you should can get it from snacks wholesaler. Hope the info helps. Cheers!

  2. i try this at home lonely, and it burned