Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Kpop is the new trend right? I don't think none of you never listen to korea pop songs before, radio keep playing it though! Lol..

I am going to share you the new trend, KPOPSTAR Season 2! Some of you may follow closely every episode through YouTube, but some might watch the video clips before but doesn't know what KPOPSTAR is about.

It is actually a South Korean reality TV competition show where the three largest entertainment agencies in Korea which are JYP which host MissA, Wonder Girls, YG Entertainment which host BigBang, 2NE1, PSY, SM Entertainment which host TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential Kpop stars!

I didn't watch every single episode but sometimes I may search some nice songs that I heard from TV in YouTube. So I am going to share with you some of the highlighted videos or some videos that I liked. :-)

KPOPSTAR is well known since Park Ji Min sang Rolling in the Deep cz the video goes virally in Facebook! Currently she is joining JYP. :-)

Lee HaYi aka Lee Hi (stage name). Currently joining YG Entertainment, high pitch as well! Her new singles "1,2,3,4" very nice! (9 millions views so far) :-) You can search it through YouTube if you want! And she is very young..born in the year 1996!!

Haha..I personally like this for Season 1. The Boys (SNSD) performed by SuPearls (temporary formed group for the audition).

SNSD's Taeyeon and Tiffany featuring Baek Ah-Yeon performing Lady Marmalade! Sharing this cz I love to see Taeyeon and Tiffany in this video. Lol..Nice and sexy one! :p

After a highly successful season held last year, Season 2 is back! Some of the videos that I liked and also some of the highlighted videos and contestants in Season 2! What I like about Season 2 is many of them have rearranged the song to a brand new one and I enjoy listening to their beautiful voices! ;-)

Choi Yeguen, the girl on the left in this video quite high rated by the judges. Ain't no sunshine has been sang by many contestants in different competitions across many countries but they rule it again! 

Only One by BoA! I love the version that sang by BoA but Andrew Choi perform it in different way, it stands out as well from the original version. ^^

Wow, this male group, Raccoon Boys is the most anticipating contestants in KPOPSTARS Season 2. The judges love them so much! They are so anticipating towards their performance every week. You MUST *cz is too nice d* either listen to Thriller from Michael Jackson or the latest video Like This which is originally sang by Wonder Girls. 

They rearranged the song and mix it so well! The judges say can't separate them already (usually every contestants will be shuffle and perform with new members for the upcoming audition) cz they are like meant to be!

I bet after you listen to this you will start keep an eye on KPOPSTAR Season 2! Lol..and you will know why the judges love them! Wonder Girls original version also very nice la...^^ p/s I prefer this than thriller. 

I'll be there by Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey sang before as tribute to Michael Jackson. Although they don't have powerful voice like Mariah Carey but they are simply amazing and sweet in such a young age! Their voice are solely beautiful la..

Hopefully you like the videos that I posted! *wink* Kpop Industry is a boom because I think their singers are all-rounder and experts in many fields like choreography, singing, composer, hosting and many more. They have strong fans base worldwide even Taiwan and Hong Kong music industry can't beat them.

Anyhow is just my personal opinion la, some may still think that your idol is much better. :-) I am neutral one, as long as their songs is nice then I will listen. Even ordinary people cover a nice song I will still like it! Hehe..

p/s If any of the info that I written above has errors, sorry for the mistakes ya. I am not a Kpop fans so I may not know as much as some of you do. :-) Just hope you like the videos that I shared..

Have a nice day!

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