Friday, February 15, 2013

James Foo All Seasons Place Farlim

Went to James Foo Western Food at All Seasons Place outlet (Farlim) with Darling's family. Always tried from Fettes Park outlet, wondering whether the quality of food still the same in different branch. 

You must be expected to wait for at least 15 minutes to be seated during weekends and public holiday. But is quite fast la..just be patient..:-) 

The taste and the quality of food served is consistent with Fettes Park outlet. So not to worry about the down grade of the food quality. 

Signature Orange Juice (Combo) RM7 


We need to share this among three persons cz is quite a big portion, I think you can hardly finish them by sharing of two. But I remember I finish the whole thing before in Fettes Park outlet. Lol..

Signature Watermelon Juice (Combo) RM7


Salmon Steak RM16


Grilled Chicken and Lamb Combo RM12
Somehow felt this is quite worth cz Chicken Cordon Blue also selling at RM11 already what. Huge portion of the grilled chicken.


Grilled Chicken and Pork Combo RM11


Chicken Cordon Blue RM11
One of their signature. I can't find any Chicken Cordon Blue in town which can beat this. May be I don't explore much but so far this is my favourite among all. They have generous portion of ham and cheese and the flavour goes well cz I tried others before, the ham and cheese doesn't comes along one. Thumbs up for James Foo Chicken Cordon Blue la! ^^


Remember to request for their tartar sauce!! Omg! It goes so well with the food! Especially with the fried one like Chicken Maryland, Chicken Cordon Blue and so on! Unless you don't like garlic then I don't encourage you to take this! Lol..It tastes superb la! By the way, it is FOC. They used to charge RM1 per plate in Fettes Park outlet but soon they cancel it out already. 


Yea Darling and I had a great dinner with family! 


No reservation can be made prior visit. They just offer call upon ordering and pick up by yourself. Good thing is they open everyday! :-) 

Call for Ordering
James Foo All Seasons Place
Tiger Thang (Manager)
Contact: 017-443 1152 / 04-827 0451
Business Hour: 5.00p.m. to 11.30p.m.
Open Everyday
James Foo Fettes Park
Contact: 012-4383 671
Closed on Monday

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