Monday, September 30, 2013

New Menu in the House - Heaven Gate Penang

Has been a year since my last visit to Heaven Gate Penang, is my pleasure to sample a few dishes from the new menu. Heaven Gate offering semi dining environment with fine dining food experience. The classy and relaxing ambience and environment comes with signature food served deliver you a wonderful dining experience.

Once again, Heaven Gate signature menu never failed us. For those who has always wanted to celebrate your anniversary or birthday dinner, this would be the perfect place for you to indulge in a good food together.

Classic Onion Clear Soup RM8.90

The soup has a delicious flavour of caramelized onions and a hint of thyme. 


Cream of Pumpkin Soup RM10.90

Creamy and rich-tasting of pumpkin soup. It doesn't goes too sweet beyond my liking. It has remarkably strong and pure pumpkin flavour with cream. I would certainly recommend this if you don't wish to go for the ordinary mushroom soup.
*love the beautiful flower presentation of the dish*


Plate Principal
Laksa Pesto RM24

This main course pull over the combination of laksa flavour and traditional Italian pesto. Never worry that the laksa flavour would be over powering in fact it enhances the classic taste of pesto.


 This main course is kind of similar like the crossover between local and the western delights. Certainly a highlight in the new menu.


King Prawn Grilled Chicken RM38

The grilled chicken has a crispy skin and the pairing with king prawn complemented well. The meat was grilled tender, exhibiting a slightly smoky aroma with the freshness of king prawn. The gravy was very tasty and goes well with the meat.


The essence of this dish is the flavour of prawn embedded in the chicken. They did a great work bringing out the nature favour of the ingredients.


Lamb Shank RM68

The lamb shank was scrumptious, smooth and melted in my mouth. The orange zest added texture and flavour to the dish. Lamb shank should be braised slowly until the meat was falling-off-the-bone tender and this is definitely one.


The meat was fall apart tender, rich in flavour and literally melts in your mouth! It served with a side of creamy mashed potato.


Crispy Baked Sea Bass served with Cream of Almond Sauce RM38

 This sea bass is a bomb! It is freshly prepared yet you can still taste freshness of the fish. Crispy skin is definitely a plus point for this dish when you have it together in a mouthful of fish. Love the Chef played with interesting colours in presentation and delighted the customers once it has been served!


The accompanied almond dressing with bites of cheery tomatoes make a lovely combined experience. This dish is definitely worth of price with large serving. 


Roast Duck Breast RM58

This is my favourite among all. Is my first time trying duck breast but this have makes me believed that why people said duck breast tastes so heavenly good.


The duck meat have a hint of pinkness with plenty of moisture still in the meat.


When you take a bite of the duck breast, you can equally taste the juicy of the duck skin and tenderness of the meat and it melts in your mouth with every bite of it. Although this is my first time trying duck breast but I bet there will be more to come. It ignites my love towards this dishes. Thumbs up.


You can either dip with brown sauce or take it plainly.


Cream Brulee RM10.90

The desserts are worth saving room for. 


The caramelized sugar top is thin, sweet and ready for cracking.


See how thin is the sugar top? The vanilla custard base is very smooth and creamy as well.


Orange Crepe served with Vanilla Ice Cream RM16.90


Marble Cheese Cake RM12.90

I have confessed my love towards this marble cheese cake in the earlier post. You can view it from here just in case you never read my previous post yet. :-)


With the chef Kacey. Thanks and love all the food served!


Before I ended this post, they will have live band performance such as saxophone, keyboard and so on in the lounge area from 7.30pm to 10.30pm in every Saturday. Thinking where to spend your weekend with your loved one, this is the right place!

Last but not least, thanks for having us here. The food tasting is marvellous. I'm giving my honest opinion with my peers review as well. Anyway, it may be vary for others. 

Call for reservation
Heaven Gate Wine.Dine.Leisure
No. 1A, King Street,
Georgetown 10200 Penang.
Maps location *exactly opposite Great Eastern Life Assurance along King Street*
Contact: 012-488 5979 Mr. Teh
Business Hour: Monday to Thursday 12pm to 3pm, 6 to 12am Friday and Sunday 12pm to 12am
**Opens Daily
10% Service charge applied

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