Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What to expect?

Recently many ideas running through my mind. Is it true that one's grow older, they will tend to think more and start planning for their future?

Is my final semester in university, no longer honeymoon year, time to learn something new again in the new year. I always give myself one year period of time to learn something new each year in my studies. Every year with every little things achieved will be a milestone to me.

Finally the final sem has arrived, people seems very free but I think I occupied myself with too many stuff happening at one time.

Won't share exactly what's going on currently but I really want to be more discipline in terms of time management. Blogging is one of my commitment as well, nowadays seldom update because I do too much thinking whereby hard to organize them into words.

I think I should bring a notebook around so just in case any new things flashing through I can immediately jot them down. Learn, learn, much more to learn!


Anyway, I didn't realized my blog has come to its first anniversary! *drum rolls* *confetti pops* Haha..seriously neglected it for too long, don't even look into this small details.

Really thankful for having this blog. Is an identity of mine, stories that happening, memories and everything. Something which is significant that represented my true self.

From here, I can see my transformation through years, experiences that I've gained, stories that I've created. Never regret of having a blog. I always remind myself that when I can't make time for it, is totally fine. Shouldn't put it as a burden, must enjoy it and keep the fire burning for blogging.


Some very random here and there pictures that we have taken last weekend when Mr. Yeap came back for break!

Taking picture is not our habit but we force ourselves to do so. Lol..beautiful memories came from pretty pictures ma, right? Haha..

Shock smile! So not me! :p

He is gonna kill me if he sees this! He always says I only uploaded pictures that me myself looking pretty in the picture. Haha..ehhem..which girls will upload pictures that they don't look good in it?! XD


Lunch in Who's Bryan with Groupon Cash Voucher! Edited this picture with apps named Snapseed just in case you question. 


Sprained my leg at home right after lunch. ==" Swollen like nobody's business. And the uncle damn funny, use masking tape to wrap the medicine. 


Having our lunch in Gurney Plaza. I am so indecisive and feel so sorry to him because he let me choose what to eat but I couldn't make decision so we end up walking from Gurney Plaza to Paragon then back to Gurney Plaza to have DOME. Sweat la me..


Creamy Seafood Linguini RM30

The creamy seafood linguini is rich and flavourful. I am always very picky when it comes to carbonara pasta, this is one of my favour but still not the best of all. If you have tried Mizi Bistro carbonara pasta before, this is kind of similar in terms of the texture and creaminess. Not forget to mention, the seafood is quite fresh as well. 


Chicken Pot Pie RM26

I would certainly go for creamy seafood linguini if comparing both of these. If I'm not mistaken, I tasted barley in the pot pie which I think quite weird to me. 


Thanks for Mr. Yeap's treat and the wonderful weekend! ^^

Quite miss the time drafting food review! 

This Saturday going for food tasting. Yoohoo! 
Stay tuned for the review publishing next week! 

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