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OmNomNom in Seoul Part 1

Hello guys is time to back to the blog! This few days rotten at home enjoy my stress free life before the last semester begins. Yet feeling quite unwell lately due to fever, sore throat, cough..everything come at the same time la! So rest at home is the best choice. :-)

Since I'm so free I shouldn't neglect my blog if not soon I will become lazier and abandoned this site already! *sit up and blog*

Has been a very long long time didn't visit to the newly open restaurant in Penang so don't really know what's the new trend in the town. New cafes and restaurants in Penang these days are growing like mushroom. Just been away for two months and everything changes. 

Since I have been away from Penang and living in Seoul for 5 weeks, so might as well blog about food in Korea. Anyway 4 weeks is over, I don't really remember the name exactly for the food that I posted below. Anyway just enjoy the pretty pictures will do la, you will realized food in Korea is not just about Kimchi! ^^

Part 1 of food post would be most likely around Hoegi Subway Station. Hoegi is somewhere near to Kyung Hee University, since we studying here so most of the time exploring food around. These are some of the food that taken throughout that month. 


NaengMyeon. The one and only NaengMyeon that I took in Korea. I still can't accept taking the noodles in cold soup and it is so chewy but this shop is frequently visited by the locals. Always has long queue outside the shop. One bowl of this cost RM15.


Bibimbap from the same shop. In Korea, if there is other options, I will try to avoid bibimbap and NaengMyeon because both are not my liking! Lol..


The 便当 chicken mayo bento! Is the cheapest meal around the area. This meal cost RM8. Haha..but this chicken mayo really nice..I guessed all of us miss this very much!


I love this! Very huge pork cutlet with cheese fillings! But..this picture isn't serve with cheese, if not mistaken, this is with pumpkin fillings. I prefer cheese as it is salty compared to pumpkin tasted sweet. One plate of this cost RM15 but it is very full then. 


Our university cafeteria food. Not really remember the price but food in cafeteria is relatively cheap. If not mistaken this one cost RM10.50. I was craving for traditional chinese soup so I ordered this. It serves with dumpling and ttuk aka rice cake!


Cafeteria food as well. This is two persons serving. I love this cz the food is hot when it served and is a little bit spicy and sweet. RM14 for two persons. 


Spicy pork with rice. Craving for soup again. Lol..and the korean yogurt *on the top right* aka vitagen is what we called! Some people will have constipation when they travel overseas, and if you are in Korea, I suggest you to buy korean yogurt and I assure it may help you out in constipation cz I experienced it myself! Lol..


Toppoki aka spicy rice cake in Korea. One of my favourite dish in Korea. The one selling in MyeongDong is much nicer compared to cafeteria. One of the cheapest food in cafeteria. This meal only cost RM4.50.


Ice Cream ice cream! Snacks that we keep in the hostel fridge to fix the crave when we watch drama. Haha..


Extremely spicy instant noodle. I tried that and never ever pour the whole packet of chili oil into it. Otherwise you will end up with diarrhea! Lol..basically it tasted only spicy and nothing else! 


Ahh! One of my favourite food in Seoul! Oreo Yogurt from The Wayo! The mixture of Oreo and yogurt is the best as oreo is sweet and yogurt is sour, best still when I eat, I can bite the crunch of Oreo cookies in every bites! Heavenly good la this yogurt! This is cheap though, RM4.50 each! I want more! 


Another favourite restaurant of mine. What I missed the most is the steam egg! How can you get this full pot of steam egg yet so fluffy in Malaysia? Apparently, those steam egg that selling in local Korean restaurant, they are very dry and tasted like it burned. ==" The side dishes are very nice as well..I love the dried cuttlefish, fish cake and soup! Yumm...


OMG! I miss this! RM30 buffet samgyeopsal and eat-all-you-can enoki mushroom! I'm a mushroom lover so I can really die for this! Really miss this la..:-(


Steam pork! This is very cheap and delicious as well. The meal cost RM15 only. :-)


Walked into this restaurant randomly without knowing the food delicious or expensive. Unexpectedly, the food turns up great. Although the price is quite costly but we certainly miss this food. It is actually duck meat tasted like german sausages! plate of this cost RM45! 


Fried spicy octopus from the same shop! Is very spicy but you just can't stop taking it! Almost the same price like the duck meat. 


Pizza from Mr. Pizza! The salad bar from Mr. Pizza comes with lots of variety and you can find everything here including jelly, cookies, yogurt, many different flavours of potatoes, crabmeat and so on so forth! Unlike our salad bar in Malaysia. >< 

Basically I love Mr. Pizza and Pizza Hut in Korea but the portion for Mr. Pizza is much smaller than Pizza Hut. If you ask me, I would prefer Pizza in Korea than McD and KFC. But..Mr. Pizza and Pizza Hut is very expensive. One meal would cost you RM30 + per person only for a few slices. 


Small lobster pizza. 


Last but not least! 安东鸡!I have no idea what is this called in English but it tasted like food that we could get from authentic Chinese restaurant in Taiwan or China..because they have dried chili padi so the spicyness makes it more flavourful! 

They have two types of glass noodles..after it absorb the soup, it is so so nice! They have the outlet in MyeongDong as well but I heard that usually restaurant branches open in MyeongDong are usually more expensive or same price with smaller portion. ><


That's the end for the food sharing near to my uni area..upcoming post I will bring you to Gangnam, Ewha, MyeongDong and so on  in Seoul! Stay tuned and I miss you guys! 

Have a great weekend ahead! 

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