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Discover the CEO in you by Axiata University Young Leadership Programme 2013

Aloha I'm back in action! Anyone out there still remember I own a blog? Lol..

Just came back from 15 days Axiata University Young Leadership Programme 2013. The experiences and friendship gained is priceless. :-)

Story begins 17 days ago. I have no idea who else is joining except Derek and I. Feeling uneasy to go to a new environment for so long to undergo intensive training. We didn't know the itinerary until we step in the resort for the first briefing. So it is quite uneasy before the trip as we have no idea what's happening soon in the next 15 days. On top of that, none of the corporations organize such a long training programme before so no one has any ideas what's going to happen next.

First day when we arrived in Axiata building. Mingling around with Malaysian undergraduate students from every part of the world. 

Opening speeches by the CEO and so on. It is also our first time meeting up together. 

Arrived at Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson after the opening in Axiata. Everyone looking fresh still. We have been given goodies bag and been informed about the itinerary for the upcoming 15 days. There are total 3 business simulation games and a CEO Challenge at the end of the programme. That means all of us have to undergo super intense and tough programme throughout the days spend in Port Dickson. 

Camera recording everywhere. We are like superstar and being pampered so much in the Axiata camp. Lol..

The first business simulation game, The Conglomerate carried out on the third day. We were given several tasks to be completed within a time frame. For instances, a budget need to be completed within 45 minutes. >< Then we have present to the clients. We received 3 to 4 tasks in a day and need to present the whole business idea to the clients in the next day. Throughout the game, there will be uncertainties happen such as inflation and some of the unforeseen circumstances but we have to manage it well. 

We need to buy the materials to make a prototype of our product for the presentation. This is why we have to plan our budget well. 

The business simulation is so tough as we didn't expect everything has to be done within time allocated and need to present every single tasks to the clients so apparently we are working under stress to meet the deadline. During that period of time, I'm really stressed out and those who followed me on Twitter knows it best. On top of this, we are still new to each other but we need to adapt it quickly cz the entire business simulation taken one and a half day only.  

The next day shooting for our billboard poster and record the radio commercial. 

p/s Unable to upload our radio commercial cz it is in audio form and my windows movie makers doesn't work well so I have no idea how to convert mp4 into video. Aiks..

At the end of the day, our group, Idea Factory won the business simulation 1, thanks to all for the hard work and sacrifice our lunch break to complete this. Ours is the green colour drinks named ZenFizz. We have cute radio commercial but unfortunately the file is too large so can't share it with you guys. :-(


We have rooftop dinner the night before business simulation one. So so much fun spending my holiday with you guys!


All the girls. Total 19 of us. 


The second business simulation which is The Step. We have been asked to separate into two groups to build the base and rocket. All the materials used need to be spent in a limited budget and be quick because the resources is limited and other groups needed it as well. The challenging part is no communication between the rocket and base team. So we just build solely based on the specifications given.

Compass Team Building on the first day! We have to follow the lead then find the checkpoint according to the coordinate given. We have been given only a few torchlights so you have to trust your team members in front of you.


Sea Water Rafting Team Building. Build the raft by ourselves.

Movie night! KFC and Magnum as dessert after meal. Axiata treat us so well..pampered us like a kid!


Our team prepare the last simulation until 2am. There are not only fun moments as you see through the pictures, sleepless nights are uncountable as well. Besides that, many guys have fallen sick in the last few days. Ones need to be mentally and physically strong to endure throughout the camp. 


Fine dining grooming and etiquette being taught by Ms Josephine. As the theme of this programme is "Discover the CEO in you". Hence, CEO must be well groomed for fine dining. Axiata seriously designed the whole programme to groom us as a future CEO. How lucky we are!

Preparing for the CEO Challenge! At the end of the programme, we have already immune to the deadlines given. As we have gone through 3 business simulations, honestly speaking, many of us think that CEO Challenge is not as tense as compared to the third simulation. Indeed, it is fun!

I miss working with team Rendezvous! Designed our print ad, TV Commercial, website in two days! Kudos to all the participants! We are the best! We have been trained to work under stress. Lol..

So fun working together! Miss you guys!

We managed to make it to the Semi Final but unfortunately the dragons don't buy our idea. Anyway congrats to the winning team who conquered the CEO Challenge! All in all, well done to all the participants, we have tried our best in realizing our business ideas and overcome the stage fright presenting to the Dragons! 

Presenting Rendezvous Online Travel Company in KL Hilton for the Semi Final.

Proudly present to you Rendezvous Online Travel Company TV Commercial! Lol..

p/s low quality due to the resources constraints. :p

Rendezvous for the CEO Challenge! We have tried our best and thanks to Izzat for the super awesome Rendezvous Website! Like what the dragons said, we need to come out a business idea and sell it to the investors in two days itself is not easy, we should be proud of ourselves that we've finally made it through! 

Garnesh is alway not around when we take picture. :-( From left: Julian, Ivan, Izzat, Kim and I. Love you guys! 

The 15 of us who have been offered Axiata 8 weeks structured internship programme. I just tried my best throughout the camp and this is a surprise and bonus added, thanks for all the opportunities given. My philosophy is "when we do something, never expect things in return, just do our best and God witnessed it." When you expect the least, end up you will be rewarded the greatest return. :-)

Congrats to all of us! 

3 out of 5 USMers has gotten the offer for the Axiata Internship Programme. We rocks! 

Last but not least, never forget to mention about the Samsung Tab 3 from Axiata! We are so so blessed! Besides that, sleeping bag and power bank as goodies as well! They treat us so well! Offer us an opportunity to learn yet value all the participants welfare! The best Summer camp that we've gotten so far! 

I miss all of you and hopefully we can meet again! You guys are simply awesome. One day if any of you happen to be a CEO, don't forget to share the happiness with us! Axiata Young Leadership Programme aka aytp alumni is always there in Facebook group! Keep in touch guys! Take care!

The pioneer group is always rocks!

Recap of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme!
*shedding tears*

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