Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mummy's Scrumptious Birthday Dinner! Slurp!

I am back here with a quick quick post before my dinner! Don't want to hold them for so long if not later no mood to blog about it again..><

Will blog about mummy's birthday! Best part of this post is we can always recall what we have and how happy we are at this date. *wink*

Don't complain when you have relatives or cousins like to take pictures before you eat especially at some special dates cz usually you guys will have special food in this big day so snap shot all the food can leave the "beautiful" food pictures with you forever! Lol..After 10 years, you will appreciate these pictures I tell you! Haha..

Ok don't crap anymore..Last Sunday *8 December 2013*, we went to Chai Leng Park 美香味 to celebrate mum's birthday. Invite our relatives and cousins along as well. :-) 

I have no idea on all the food name, just enjoy looking at the tempting food pictures la! *my friends are gonna hate me for posting nice food again! Lol*


So so in love with this! 
My second time of having abalone..the last time was during Standard 4 when I travel overseas, don't always think I have good food..I still love street food one, they are my favourite! Hehe..:-)



Nice soup! The left one is 花胶 just in case you don't know..I have no idea what is this till I ask..haha..always heard they mentioned about this in TVB drama but never seen the real thing before. It tasted like fish ball. XD 
I don't know what it called in English!! Too bad..Google translate failed on this! 


Shark Fin!!
My first time seeing this..ok no more second time! I feel extremely bad and guilty when I see they served this! So so so sorry to all the sharks in the sea..o.O I swear no second time..I will just eat the artificial one! SORRY!


腊饭 Dad said usually 广东人 have this during Chinese New Year. 
Is old time tradition, now not so particular already. 


Super love the left one! Sorry I don't know what it called..we usually have this in Dim Sum restaurant. 
I tell you this is so chewy and soft in the inside and the lotus paste is so so nice! 


Mum's birthday cake!!! 
I manage to order this even though I called the pastry shop super last minute! I have mentally prepared to be told that the Mango Cake sold out already but luckily still left the last one for this size! 

People said this is the best Mango Cake in town and I rarely seen Penang pastry shop has delicately beautiful cake design yet it taste marvellous.
Btw, I will write a separate review on this Mango Cake. Check this out when I share the review in my Facebook! You should know where is this if you are a mango-lover! Or your parents, friends, siblings!


Happy belated birthday, mummy! 
I won't reveal your age don't worry! Haha..


Family portrait! Casual one..


 Love family gathering! With my grandpa as you guys! XoXo! 


Happy happy happy! 

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