Tuesday, June 17, 2014

R E D . Wedding . Bidor

A personal blog post since recently I have posted so many sponsored post or reviews. :-)

Was away the past weekend to attend friend's wedding at Bidor. Is my first time visiting Bidor. A very quiet town but food are not cheap. Haha..

Is my first time being a ji mui and that goes to Yin Leng's wedding. Chinese traditional wedding is so tiring and lengthy just by visiting the two family for tea ceremony. Can my wedding be as simple as possible? Anyway not so soon, so not to worry. Haha..

Wai Kin and I still enjoying the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. :-)


The theme is to wear red dress so I was looking around for bright red dress but honestly red colour is much harder compare to turquoise or yellow. Perhaps this is not the right season for red. End up I got myself a maroon dress.


Close up of my dress. Lol..with that two holes at the very awkward spot.


Lots of vain pictures. Bare with me..lol..



The girls are actually dropping the red packets in case you are wondering why their hands are in the air.


Anyway I bought this dress mainly because it is a mullet dress or you named it as asymmetrical dress/fish tail dress. Unfortunately I didn't take the full shot so you can't see how it looks exactly. :-(


Wedding reception time!





Hello! Greeting from us! We have been together for 5 years plus and we never get bored of seeing each other everyday. <3 Thanks dear for your patience and understanding!


Before I end my post, I bought a MacBook Air already! I'm blogging with my new lappie.

So no excuses for me not to update my blog frequently.

Anyway, I will attend Redken Launch at Publika on Thursday!

Friday I'm on leave and will be back to Penang therefore unable to attend the KL Fashion Week 2014 at Pavilion. Anyway I'm more than willing to to be back to hometown! Miss Penang already and all the good food!

I miss my Super Hokkien Mee and Asia Cafe Tomyam! There are so so many Penang cafes open in the past 5 months, never visit to any single one and everything that I know was from your Instagram so I'm an outdated food blogger now. T.T

p/s Recently I wrote two much of business emails and now I realized is so hard to write my blog. Rarely have the time to read other's blog hence is so hard for me to express my feeling, so and so. My English..you are at bottleneck. Guendeline, please read more! Argh...><

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  1. The serving staff was excellent here. There was never a delay in serving the food (they just kept coming) or drinks. The food was so great that it made me forget that I was trying to watch my carbs.
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