Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ANOTHER Milestone Unlocked!

Finally it's over. 

This is a pampering event that I proposed to my manager and I told her this time I would like to work by myself. 

Hence, from the idea proposed, present to my manager, email and contact bloggers, RSVP with them, carry out Facebook and Instagram contest, design the contest template, inform contest winners, communicate with salon owner, ready with merchandise to display, set up the pampering event, coordinate and manage the event all by myself with another new intern who came in just a month and finally over. 

Few days before I'm still worrying to the extent, I dreamt that I forgot to attend the event. Lol..

So happy that I've finally made it through and I took the initiative to tell my manager that I want to do it by myself so is like a baby of mine..from planning to execution is all on me. 

Appreciate and thanks that I met a bunch of bloggers who are really friendly and easy going. They are all so sweet and lovely who have made this a success. :-) 

From left is Chan Won, next is our Facebook lucky winner who has won herself an exclusive pass to attend the Hair Spa pampering session with bloggers, then Jessica and I. 


Picture with Jessica who has just coloured her hair pink on Monday. 


Chan Won who is only 2 years younger than me but omg I looked like her mum here. ==" Lol..


I have red hair too! Posted the picture on my Instagram! Red hair with L'Oreal Professionnel INOA Carmilane red colour which has just launched in this month! Which mean this red coloration of mine is Free! Hehe..

My second time of hair coloration ever since I worked in L'Oreal. Previous was dark brown, this time is RED hair! Despite having darker skin tone, I can still have red hair! Love it!


Selfie with the girls..

Photo Jul 02, 10 23 19 PM

Just figured out there is a mode in my camera which makes our skin looks much brighter after been told by Chan Won. Lol..Major failed! 

Eliz on the left is our new intern. This month is my handover already. Omg I'm so old. Senior intern. Lol..


Picture taken with 自拍神器. They said this is the ultimate selfie camera. All thanks to @vickybobo_ so I managed to see how amazing it is. Skin instantly looks smoother and thinner! Love the wide angle as well! 

Photo Jul 02, 10 09 56 PM

Okay, back to picture taken with my camera. It looked so dark compared to the earlier one. Lol..

Povy is one of our bloggers who attended the event. 


With Chenelle. From lower angle makes my chin looks so sharp. Cool! 


Thanks to them who have attended the event. Don't managed to take picture with Duogigs and Doris. No worries I believed there will be upcoming events soon. 

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If you are wondering where will I be heading to after this end of the month? Don't ask me..I will tell when it comes because I don't even know what lays ahead me, I believed God knows and he will lead me to the right path. 

I always believed "Everything happens for a reason". ;-)


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