Saturday, October 26, 2013

23rd Birthday with the Dearies at Namoo on the Park Gurney

Saturday afternoon in KL didn't go anywhere like how young girls do, in fact just nua at home with Mr.Y finish watching 被偷走的那五年 The Stolen Years. Cry so badly. 

I was so reluctant to update my blog but after all thought no more procrastinating if not turn out to have too many pending posts. ><

It was exactly the 23rd before I came here. Managed to celebrate with the girls on the exact date! Hehe..Besides that, I cut my hair! In the afternoon! Lol..damn short..and looks like kiddo la..I think! Lol..

Coincidently, another pretty girl Pei Thyn and I both birthday fall on the same date! Happy! Found another person who has the same birthday as me! Not forget to mention, last Saturday I just went to her birthday party! It was a happening one. 


Alright just a very brief review about the restaurant, Namoo on the Park Gurney Plaza. Hmm..I would say it is not my type. It is the fusion of western and korean food but the combination doesn't amazed me. Unless you are expected to see them in the menu if not is hard for you to pick an order. 

Kimchi Burrito RM20.90 *signature
Special Korean Kimchi fried rice with chicken sausage, rolled in warm mozzarella cheese tortolla flatbread. 

Kimchi rice in taco. Okay new way of eating but is just not my liking. 


Spicy Seafood Ramyun RM18.90
Korean ramyun noodle with prawn, mussel, seaweed and egg in our chef's special soup. 

The first impression "Wow...this is spicy and oily!" My goodness, how to eat...>< I have a sip of soup, is not so spicy after all but choon yann told me it tastes like the ordinary Shin ramyun hence nothing special. 


Ice Chocolate RM10.90


Namoo Lemonade RM9.90


Sweet Chili Omuto RM20.90 
Chicken or prawn . Namoo special fried rice wrapped in egg omelette with sweet chili sauce.

Like how it names, ordinary fried rice in sweet and chili sauce. Sin Wah ordered sweet chili omuto with chicken. 


White Cream Omuto RM19.90 *signature
Chicken or prawn . Namoo special fried rice wrapped in egg omelette with white cream sauce.

We think that this is the most appealing one. Love the white cream, surprisingly it goes well with the fried rice. I ordered white cream omuto with prawn. 


One thing that I would recommend is their sweet potato cake RM12.90. Crave for dessert while shopping then head over for a slice of cake. It is better for sharing. *Picture was taken when Mr. Y and I were at Publika*



Will miss those day when I'm not around in Penang. 


Li Ching managed to reach on time when we are taking these pictures!


Love love love!


Thanks for the surprise birthday cake! With Pei Thyn the 1023 baby! Haha..


Guys, sorry to disappoint you, she has been taken. Haha..happy 23rd birthday once again!


I don't expect my birthday to be full of surprises with bunch of friends celebrating around. In fact, with the true and love ones will be more than grateful. Thanks girls! Forever love..


Selfie time. 


Sexy Xun  we will wait for Terence to buy 自拍神器 ya..then we will have more selfie time! Hehe..*Terence gonna kill me for you having a bad influence*


Sweet Shu Vern 


Loveable Lay Yin 


Pretty Li Ching 


Lovely Yann 


Dear Sin Wah 


Thanks again for everything my deary! 


Happy 23rd birthday to Pei Thyn and I!

Lots more pending posts! Wish myself good luck. ><

Call for reservation
Namoo on The Park Gurney Plaza
170-G-40, Plaza Gurney,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-226 4810
Business Hour: 10.30am to 10.30pm from Monday to Thursday
11am to 11pm from Friday to Sunday

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