Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dad's Birthday Celebration '13 at StarView Restaurant

Finally start to blog about dad's birthday after half a month! Lol..can't miss this out la..worth remembering so I must blog about it to recall those happy moments! :-)

The cake! Initially was planning to customize a cake since he always requested for cake which is low sugar and less sweet but end up I got him cake from Ritz Cake House cz running out of time to ask around. In fact, Penang has not much choices to choose from and mum said dad quite favour Ritz Cake so specially order less sweet for him! 

Anyway forgot the cake name la..lol! :p 

 photo IMG_8985_zpsbc592495.jpg

Papa, happy birthday once again! ^^ 
We always love you...know you working hard so must take good care of yourself ya! 

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Papa!

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By the way, we had our dinner at Seberang Perai Star View Restaurant 仙景楼! I always crave for their salad prawn..haha! I can't remember most the food name so enjoy yourself viewing the photos la...lol!

 photo IMG_8959_zpsb84f32ef.jpg

生日面!Those noodles that Chinese specially order for birthday boy or girl. Of course you can order it any time as you wished..is just that some people may purposely order during birthday dinner at Chinese restaurant. :-)

 photo IMG_8964_zpse1423d9d.jpg

上汤芫菜。Chinese name of the dish, I don't know what it called in English. Mum's favourite. 

 photo IMG_8965_zps568a0ea0.jpg

 photo IMG_8968_zps32a5a06c.jpg

Oh ya..my favourite! Salad prawn! I super love this dish from Star View! I seldom try salad prawn from other restaurant cz I always thought their shrimp is small and not fresh enough but all the shrimps you got from here are huge and juicy! Yummylicious! 

Needless to mentioned about the fruit underneath the shrimp! There are green apples and honeydew if I am not mistaken..one is sweet another one is sour, when they mix together with salad, it is SUPERB! Haha..

 photo IMG_8972_zpsa680b7c9.jpg

鳕鱼 Cod Fish! Their cod fish also very fresh. You must definitely try it out if you love cod fish! We ordered from other restaurant before but none of them can beat this! Hehe...

 photo IMG_8976_zps45923f23.jpg

Roast Suckling Pig. I don't know how 烧乳猪 called in English so asking help from Mr. Google's son, Google Translate! Lolol..

 photo IMG_8971_zps027832c4.jpg

Our splendid birthday dinner!

 photo IMG_8977_zps755bf4f2.jpg

Mum's delighted smile!

 photo IMG_8987_zps891e14ff.jpg

With Jocelyn and baby girl! 

 photo IMG_8993_zpsb462278b.jpg

Super cute her!

 photo IMG_8995_zps83390f28.jpg

Last but not least the family photo! :-)

 photo IMG_9003_zpsbe5e0e5c.jpg

Happy Birthday Dad!
Next year birthday will again be an amazing one! :-)

p/s have a good rest everyone! Nanight...

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