Friday, November 1, 2013

Guen's on Intern #1

I think I should mark down my Internship application journey so that one day when I read back I know exactly how I feel at this moment. Lol..

People usually keep to themselves without sharing it with coursemate cz they are afraid their friends might submit their resume and unintentionally competing with them. However, I would think that there are many factors determine on the decision made by the employer, for example whether the aim and value of yourself fit in the company's culture and so on. It is not solely based on our academic and outstanding curricular activities and soft skills. Sometimes it depends on luck though.

10 days ago *21st October 2013*, I have sent my application to FMCG companies mainly based in KL. No updates from them. Then you will give yourself lots of excuses, ==" may be they need more time, may be my resume has not been seen, it has been keep in view, so on and so forth. Hmm....

Thoughts has been running through my mind. Should I apply to those industry that I'm not interested or solely follow up with companies that I'm interested and keep waiting? After all, I decided to on hold applying with FMCG companies then I will just follow up closely and cater my application specifically for the companies that I'm interested.

Then my next target would be Advertising industry. Is very important to stand out and sell yourself in the cover letter when you talk about applying job with advertising agency. Is not the professional corporate cover letter and resume we should send to them, instead I shall be thinking out of the box on how to impress the employer, what is my selling point, what is the speciality of myself, what makes them think twice about this candidate and bla bla bla...hopefully I can do well on this!

Finger cross that luck is with me. Will update it regularly on my progress. Good luck to myself! :-)

Things happen for a reason. Stop thinking what could go wrong and start thinking of what could go right. 

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