Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tears of Happiness or Unhappiness?

Actually I'm quite upset now.

I know it has been so damn long for never updating my blog and I have tons of work waiting for me to get them done once I arrived in Penang.

I know it is my fault for procrastinating all the assignments and do it so last minute but that is part of student life right? Rarely heard someone said they have completed one or two weeks ahead before the submission date. If you are one of them, you deserve to be credited.

I'm so upset reason being my 17 years of student life has almost come to an end. I know I should be anticipating the excitement of working life and is time to step out of my comfort zone to unleash the potential in me.

Ya I should be glad that I got short listed and successfully enter the company that I am desired for BUT at the same time it tells you, hectic life begins soon and welcome me with a big big hand. Oh gosh..right after my intern then that's it, the real working life is awaiting me.

Apparently I left 2 weeks before submission deadline of 5 to 6 assignments *next weekend heading to Ipoh with course mate, if I am not joining then I have no idea when will be the next meet up*, 5 weeks before study week begins, 8 weeks before my 15 days of holiday begins *but I don't think I have any time for travel as I need to prepare for accommodation and settled down in KL before the internship starts on 1st of Feb*, 10 weeks before my internship starts then..bye bye student life! 


I should be given enough time to get me mentally prepare about this since I'm doing 4 years course but don't know why at this moment I don't really feel like leaving. May be staying in comfort zone for too long already. :-(

My internship will be damn hectic and busy, I don't know whether am I going to have time to juggle between work, blog, personal interest, relationship, family, so on and so forth.

Guen, finally, the day has come. If you have never counted how many days left, you wouldn't know how much time you still left spending in university.

Things that you want has come true. Working in your desired company, manage to see your bf nearly everyday, new life begins.....but why are you not happy instead?

Perhaps I need more time to get used to it. Transition period I would say. Ok, transition period..luckily I have him and my family who always back me up. Thanks to my family who has always been a great supporter for me. My mum is more nervous than me when I went for the interview. She really hope to see me doing well in my career. I hope I did not disappoint her and my dad.

Appreciate for all the opportunities given. I'm blessed to have 4 years interesting university life, interesting and lovely people that I have met, thanks for the guidance and toleration from all the lecturers, thanks for giving me this learning platform which allows me to groom myself and grow at the same time. With all these experience gained, it leads me to work with the company that I'm desired for.

How about you? Have you reflected what you have done in this 4 years? Have you found the company that you love to work with? What do you think you will miss after leaving USM? I'm gonna walk around to snap the beautiful campus before leaving.

I will try to do my best to juggle between so many things after settled down in KL. Give me some time to step out of my comfort zone. Is time to grow. 

p/s draft this post with iPad mini. So convenient! Easier for me to blog anytime, anywhere with wifi connected. ^^

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