Friday, November 1, 2013

Guen's on Intern #2

Yayy..just received an email from a company that I'm desired for at 5.58pm on the 1st of Nov '13! Hmm..wonder why are they staying up so late even it is on Friday evening. Anyway, appreciate for replying me..I have been waiting for so long! Please call me soon..I will prepare well for the interview!

On top of that, I received a job offer but too bad it is not the department that I chose during the interview session. Anyway, I'm grateful for that. I will hold off this offer till the expected date to reply. :-)

Hopefully I can hear from more companies. What Mr. Y said is right..I should give them more time, can't expect them to reply my email in few days time as they have priority in handling their emails. More time more time, give them more time.

Will update regularly on my progress! This topic will continue till one day I start working as an intern and blog about life working as an intern! Hehe..;-)


It is good to fail sometimes. If you have been winning all the time without failing, then I believe you would have won in vain. 

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