Friday, November 29, 2013

Funny post with Guen's on Intern #3!

Talaa...I was very moody few days back..but after yesterday outing with the sweetheart Mei Xun, I was feeling much better d!


Moody because I have received my offer letter..The very turn off offer letter that needed me to work since the 4th day of Cny, which means Chu 3 I need to head down to KL! What's life?!!! Okay..this is life! Working life..Guendeline, say bye to student life, say hi to working life!


I am so upset when I knew this..Wai Yee was sitting beside me and I keep petting her arm..telling her.."I need to start working on the 4th day of Cny..I am extremely down..I need one week to recover..bla bla bla.."

Then back home still very told my mum, she looks kind of upset too cz the first time her daughter leaving home to work *for so long, apparently only come back once in a while* and need to leave during cny..Chinese New Year is the longest holiday my parents had in a year so they certainly hope their children can be around, but shit me, first internship aka job, to me, need to leave home in chu 3! Not even have time for gathering with my relatives and bf's relatives!

"Guendeline, welcome to the corporate world! Congratulations!"
*Big big ang pau aka red packet for me*

Anyway good thing la..received offer letter..meaning you are not jobless and someone wants you..should be happy then..I received two offers from FMCG, two offers from Advertising agency, ended up I pick one of the FMCG. Great! Problem solved! I'm totally ok now..kind of excited that I am working soon and work with the company that I pray hard I could get in some day. 

That night itself I date Mei Xun out..have a heart to heart talk together on Thursday since many of my assignment submission date has been postponed to next week! Lol..*procrastinate mode on again lo* =="

We went to Lunarich for lunch, I still love their lunch menu, free flow salad and soup. Not taking pictures for that.

Then decided to go Brown Pocket since everyone hype about that. I didn't order immediately cz I plan to browse through the #brownpocketdessert pictures people hash tag in Instagram, but I don't find anything pleasing. So after Mei Xun finished her Americano, we went to Chocolate Passion! Hehe..she told me there is a dessert named Chocolate Bomb, if not mistaken is from Chocolate Passion cz we can't find it from Brown Pocket menu.

This is the one that we mentioned! Although priced the same like dessert in Brown Pocket but I find it more creative in terms of presentation la, brown pocket is overrated..sien..only waffle, ice cream, whip cream and that's it. Sorry I don't buy


I have the video of pouring hot chocolate into this dessert in my Instagram account. @guendeline

It ended up like this. Haha..


The happy us!


Splendid view and comfy place! Love this..I will come again for their chocolate drinks. Looks tempting! Hehe..Great hangout place! 


Then later on I told Mei Xun we go Sephora before heading off! Guess what..they are having 20% member sales storewide! Crazy shopping spree! I can't resist when it comes to cosmetics and skin care..luckily I work for the right industry! Lol..I know the consumer I am one of them of course I understand clearly! Lol..


Flake Away scrub present from my dear Sin Wah..thanks dear! Bliss lid+lash wash make up remover I have mentioned how awesome it is in my previous post with eye make up remover swatches, read it if you haven't! The best eye make up remover in town! Then Tarte primer! Really impressive..I did a comparison in the store with other products swatches..think it is better than Benefit! This is the only waterproof primer in Sephora! Yayy..finally bought myself a primer!

I will go with mummy again..she wants to buy Clinique skin care..20% off leh..must buy if you use them! Yet point accumulated! *evil grin* girls always have tons of excuses when it comes to shopping! When I called Mr. Yeap told him about that, you know what he said...

Me: Dear ah, I am in Sephora! They have 20% member sales storewide ah! I am going crazy soon! 
Him: Very easy ah, turn around and leave the shop lo..
Me: ==" oh ok..

End this post with our #selfie! I am totally fine now..will utilize my time in Penang spend with my beloved family and friends! Love and miss them loads! I rarely update my blog recently because I think too much..I thought I shouldn't post for the sake of publish and gain traffic..I should publish anytime when I wish! You don't wish to read low quality and crap post right..haha!


Planning a trip before start working..I can foresee I won't have time for travel in the coming days. ><

Actually I wanted to publish about a post namely the Instagram account that you shall not have been uploaded in Flickr d but not sure whether to upload it or!

Anyway anyone in Dayre? Followed Read my previous post if you have no idea what is this! you guys! XoXo!

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