Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Caffeine Escape

Back to blog again! Chilling at Thursdvys for today's caffeine escape! 

Just done with gym so explore new places again. Most of the time I didn't have my lunch then take coffee straight after that. Lol..had 4 slices of bread before gym but wanted to save money so just take coffee only. 

Furthermore, I need to park my car! Aiks..parking is so expensive here! Never go to the mall for cafe..even cafe at the roadside also damn hard to locate for empty lot! That you will need to pay RM5 for MBPJ parking. I have been issued lots of fine before so better to park at the lot. 

All in all, the cheapest way is staying at home enjoy your 3-in-1 coffee! >< Lol..


I love this cafe. Not overly crowded and the coffee that I ordered tasted just nice. The amount of acidity and sweetness is just right cz I don't like coffee that has too intense flavour. This one is just perfect for me. 

I ordered Ristretto with milk and a dash of chocolate undertones. Not the ordinary mocha if I want a hint of chocolate flavour. 

Yesterday I went to Artisan Coffee at TTDI that many people hype about it. I ordered their signature Nitrokopi but I don't favour it. As to me it is more to acidic side and slightly sour to my liking but they have won Best Place for Coffee by Time Out KL Food Awards 2012. 


Anyway, there is no such thing as best cafe or what so ever. As long as you love the cafe and coffee then it is certainly your cup of tea.

By far I have visited to three cafes this week, they are Coffea Coffee at The Curve, Artisan Coffee at TTDI and Thursdvys at TTDI. Thursdvys is my favourite thus far but I will still explore more if time is allowed! 

Back to work! 

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