Monday, August 4, 2014

Things you may not know about living in KL

Out of nowhere, I have the mood to blog.

I'm at Coffea Coffee, The Curve. Finally have the time to explore cafes and restaurants after all this while in KL. The past 6 months have been busy working, adapting to new environment, knowing new colleagues and friends, do house chores *shame to say I seldom do house chores when I'm home ><*, so on and so forth. 


Discovered something new in this 6 months!

I have finally read! Just finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Currently reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Thanks to 1M Book Voucher, the saddest part not being a student, you lose all the amazing student privileges! T.T

Learnt to cook! I cook quite frequent lately. I must tell I have NEVER wash meat/chicken in my life till the past two months! Lol..*like very proud..beh paiseh* Bought them from wet market, wash and clean them before cook, cut all the ingredients and cook! Viola! Both of us always prefer to eat home cook food, anyway is healthier and cheaper. 

In Penang, I am very familiar with places/hawkers to dine in but seriously we have no clue when you mention about delicious hawker food in KL/Selangor cz we can see most of them are prepared by foreigners *nepal, myanmar...*. 

Waze is my friend in KL! I can't survive without waze. Lol..I'm not a road-blind but sorry to say KL has too many highways. I knew places that I frequently visit but if it's too far then I surrender. ><

Besides shopping, movie and cafe, you have no where to go during weekend for a short getaway. :-( I miss heritage sites, cycling and beaches in Penang. Sadly to say, you won't be able to find this when you are in KL unless you are willing to pay or either drive very far to the destination. 

Some "cultural shock" after I moved here,

1. You can hardly find food which is less than RM5 in KL but undeniable the portion is relatively larger than Penang. 
2. Economic rice is never economical. Lol..
3. A slice of cake in cafe easily cost you up to RM18 nett. 
4. RM10 for full day parking at a mall considered cheap. 
5. People here is very willing to spend for food and entertainment because they think they work hard for a better lifestyle. Work hard and play harder. 
6. Hair cut in KL can be really expensive! Hair cut for female by senior stylist can be RM120! By creative director, it can even shot up to RM350 for female! o.O
7. Average gym membership rate in KL can easily cost you RM180/month before sum up all the parking fees, tolls and so on.
8. Water disruption/haze can happen anytime.

And the list goes on.........

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