Monday, April 14, 2014

When the Crazy Bunch Meets Together!

So glad that I can make time to blog after work! 
A quick update about Chun Yuen's trip to KL. So happy to have a close friend of us visit us in KL. 

Morning before he arrived, we went to 360 bazaar that had in this place *I have forgotten what is the name of the place* located right beside Zouk Club KL. 

Bought two accessories at a great deal and skort from ChiqFliq. Very good quality but is not cheap, selling at RM62. Anyway, if I'm able to check the condition of the clothes, I wouldn't mind paying at a higher price! So sometimes I really hesitate to shop online. 


Ok the next day when he arrived! Sunday brunch! Kin Kin Pan Mee. 

Cy has been told that he shall not missed Pan Mee when he visits to KL. Indeed, we couldn't find this in Penang unless you talked about Char Koey Teow or Hokkien Mee. 


Went to Pavilion right after that. You know, always a "tourist attraction". LOL..
Snowflake is not as good as before. :-(


This post is generally full of my vain pictures. Lol..


Marutama Ramen! Food again and again. I should treat this meal as my lunch or tea time?!
Madly in love with the Ajitama so I end up ordered two. Love the broth as well! Can finish the whole bowl.


Wah..running yolk..tell me how can you resist that?!


Later on, we went to The Burger Lab, damn sinful la! My first time trying this, I would say nothing much special, ordered their A+ signature burger but all in all I wouldn't rave about it.


Picture taken before we leave. When I meet them, I can easily go overly excited. Talk so loud, laugh like mad, share about anything, this is the kind of bonding that we have!


Picture with Yuen Tze!
My primary school classmates and we met again in Form 6. She is really a sweet and cheerful girl, so happy to be able to see her again.


A very exclusive picture that Lay Yin sent us this morning via whatsapp! See the first pic?

It is me at the bottom left and Yuen Tze at the top right! We used to be very good friend in primary school. The picture speaks it all. It was taken when we are on our way to primary school graduation trip.
By the way, Guat Ling and Chow Miin are in the picture as well. :-) Miss you both!

p/s Have we changed a lot? :-)


I-City after Burger Lab. My first time visit to this place.
By the way this is the skort that I bought from ChiqFliq.


Picture seriously looks nicer than the real light decoration. Lol..


Need not to say, I know both of us have grown horizontally. ><



Must show this picture, KFC Mural Art! and the only one in Malaysia. *I guess* :p


Had a fun and wonderful weekend spent with them. So happy!


Anyone of you have heard about Line Deco? 
Download this apps from App Store! They have very cute and HD Line wallpaper.

The left one is currently my home screen wallpaper, right one is lock screen. Damn chubby la..Don't know which one to pick.


Yayy..mission accomplished!
Blog updated!!

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Sweet dream and sleep tight!

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