Sunday, January 18, 2015

Penang food is the BEST!

Hey, you guys know that I am a typical Penangite. I blogged a lot about food in Penang in the past two years and I have moved to KL lately. 

Apparently, food is the only thing that I can't stand with living in the city. Have been taking lots of local food, i.e. hawker food but none of it to my liking. Worst still, majority are prepared by foreigners. Sigh. I doubt where are the good food.  

So I have been searching for local food in Foursquare when I visit to new places but I either left with disappointment or the food is just average. On top of that, I am feeling totally overhyped after trying Imbi Market food. *got so nice?*

Hence, sometimes I have no choice but to dine in restaurant because of the mediocre local food. Anyway, not all cafes and restaurant food are nice though and they are expensive. 

I eat to live now. ==" So I always anticipate my next Penang trip. Don't bother to try new food in fact crave for the food that I used to take everyday.


I give you an example that happened recently. 

Few days before, I was searching for local food at KL town area. And I stumbled upon this place in Foursquare. I was not amazed by the rating because 7.1 is really low, in fact what draws my attention are the comments below. 


Everyone were saying the food here is so great so awesome! BEST Claypot fish head in town! BLOODY GOOD fish noodle! 


BEST fish head noodle! BEST in town! *so kua jiong* BEST! How can you skip this if there are so many BESTsss?! Lol. Therefore I had totally forgotten about the 7.1 rating then headed straight to this place. 


The food looks quite good right?


Wah sizzling hot! The colour makes me thought of Penang 王昭君 claypot noodle. *somehow Wang Zhao Jun is so much better* Yet I love milky flavour soup so I can't wait to try. *start eating*


However, I can't finish the noodle. *sorry for the dirty table :p*

The soup is so blend. I don't know what is so nice about this. I don't understand why people can relate this to awesome or best. So once again, disappointed. 


I don't even dare to try the fried fish head cz he said it has strong fishy flavour. 


There were actually more customers before this picture was taken. 



Okay, so what now?

Lesson learnt. 

1. Don't trust Foursquare rating and comments completely and visit with high expectation. 

2. KL people and Penangites food preferences are so different. Food that are always recommended and favourited by them, Penangite usually finds it different. 

3. No matter how nice is the food, you will still miss the food in your hometown! 

People from KL are always annoyed by us as we never stop complaining food here. *sorry guys* But please have some sympathy on us for working away from hometown, surely our local food are dearly missed. Is exactly like you miss nasi lemak, Indian food when you travel overseas.

So, 外坡*吉隆坡*的月亮比較圓,其實也沒有那麼圓而已啦!

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