Sunday, January 11, 2015

What I've been UP to lately

Oh hi,

Busy with so many things. Not so busy to that extent where I don't get to breathe la..still have some time to rest though.

How are you guys doing? Anyone missing my blog here? Lol..I bought MacBook is to make my blogging easier, in fact this boyfriend keep using my laptop to study and prep for his coursework so is like changing ownership now. ==" Anyway I'm more than willing to lend it to him, make full use of this laptop what..I don't want it to turn rusty setting aside.

Recently, I am busy with a HUGE project. Not gonna tell. Nothing related to work lol. Don't guess. *waste your effort* I did tell some of my close friends, they knew what I'm doing. Shh..I am low profile, give me some private life. *may be no ones ever bother what I'm doing though* Haha..

Then go for cafe hopping! Is kind of wasted when I spent money visiting to cafe but not making full use of every penny spent. Lol..I should blog and share it with you what. I think moving forward, I will blog about cafes/restaurants that I've visited. A simple one will do. Not going to do a complete blog post like how I did last time. You can easily google if you want to read a complete entry about a particular cafe. Or Foursquare. This is what I'm doing recently. Lol..Foursquare gave you genuine reviews cz those are not paid/sponsored post. *ugly truth*

The Last Polka Salted Gula Melaka ice cream tasted exactly ike cendol! Lol..

Cheessee Naan. Yum! 

Take away Chicken Don at Menya Musashi Intermark. I have posted the extensive choices of Don on my Instagram. 

This Durian Pancake is the BOMB! I'm going to try Cempedak Pancake soon! Is from Sumptuous at Great Eastern Mall. 

Delight Deli in Penang. Have gave them feedback on the food, hope they can improvise accordingly. Despite of that, their food is actually quite good. Pay them a visit guys. 

Honestly speaking, their Pie is quite decent. Worth a try. I love Chicken and Mushroom filling. 

Wondermama! Their breakfast price is reasonable! I love the Mee Siam! Always a local delight person.

Korean buffet at Solaris Mont Kiara. Recommended. 

p.s Do you miss me blogging about food? Lol..*thick skinned*

Reading. I love spending time reading on weekends or whenever I can. Is never too late to indulge in reading right? Here are the 10 benefits of reading. Bought a lot of books from Big Bad Wolf book fair. Must make full use of them! New year resolution! Yayy..

Working. more student life. I have reconciled myself to this life. Don't think about school holidays. What I'm anticipating is the next public holidays, getaways, and so on. It makes me appreciate my holidays even more.

Apart from the holiday, working life is no kidding. There are so much challenges awaiting. Buckle up guys, is a whole new level compared to your student life. Forget about being the best student in class, President or whatsoever in club/society, the chairperson of University Student Council and so on. When it comes to work, no ones ever recall what you have done in the past (besides interview). You have got to learn everything all over again. You are the freshest in the company, hence, be humble and proactive, don't lose your passion. Passion keeps you going. I'm reminding myself constantly though.

Is a brand new year. I am sooo old. 25 years old. Oh gosh..mid 20!

One of my resolutions for 2015,
Revive my blog! Expect to see me come back in mid of the year. I hope I keep my words too!

Till then!


I wish you have a great year ahead! Xoxo..

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