Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best Parents in the World!

Just drop by to say HI! At the midst of drafting two posts but I don't think I can finish them by today!

Today is Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies around the world! Haha..

My parents and sister are here to accompany me over this lonely weekend..having your family here with you in KL when your boyfriend is not around, great isn't it? Guess they are afraid I will be too lonely and no company to have lunch or dinner with and so public holiday happen concurrently so they decided to come to KL..hehe! Best parents in the world huh?!

Purposely drive down here to accompany me...and I get to eat all the good food when they are here. Opps..haha..*I know I'm growing horizontally*

Not forget to mention, they were here last weekend as well! Haha..come down two weeks consecutively. I am such a 幸福的孩子。^^

Last Saturday we had a impromptu trip to Melacca..wanted to blog about it but really can't find time during weekday. And today they are here so I'm slacking. :p

I hope you guys spent a great day with your mum! I will be away to edit pictures later for the next updates..:-)

Anyway, even though I'm away for so long but I'm so grateful that there are still people visiting to my blog! Appreciate and love you guys..


This is what we had for lunch. We dined in Village Roast Duck at Bangsar Village. To my dad, is always chinese cuisine come first, anyway I tried to make booking for buffet lunch this morning but is all fully booked. I understand I am very last minute la...

I finally found a restaurant selling stir fried mushroom. Dragon-i used to have it but is no longer available. This cantonese roast duck is really mouth watering. Worth a try.


At the end of the meal, we realized we ordered too much meat. ><


Dad said want to hang out around before we leave. So I recommend them to try out Alexis. Is my first time as well. Love their Mixed Berries Meringue so much. The right one is Zucotto Dome which is some kind of vanilla sponge cake with chocolate chips. 

Ordered Camomile and Ginger and Lemon Grass Tea. 


So in love with this but is expensive. RM16 for a huge slice, in fact if it's for sharing then I won't mind paying cz is really fork-licking-good! Lol..


Will be back soon. 


  1. O.O the Mixed Berries Meringue look so yummy..just looking at the picture making me mouth

    1. Indeed! You can go try it out! Really yum!