Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I have been up to lately

Hello all, it has been so so long since my last update! Haven't been "talking" to my blog and you guys for nearly a month. Yup..a month already, I have been away for so long.

Anyway, the entire month has been a productive one. I'm here to have a short update on what I've been doing and busy lately.

I have done with my final paper on the 16th of Jan then the next day I am off to Hong Kong for my graduation trip. I don't even have the luxurious time to blog about my Hong Kong trip. Lots of nice food we had but doesn't have the chance to share with you guys! Too bad..:-(

Right after the trip, I have been busy doing chores in KL and back to Penang one day before reunion dinner.

Celebrated Chinese New Year for a few days and unfortunately this year I have to leave home really early to begin my internship on the 3rd of Feb.

Today marked the 3rd day of my internship.

So far so good. I love the tasks that have been assigned to me. The project brief for my internship is really interesting! I believed if I love my job then I wouldn't feel tired of it. Time really flies when you are busy at work and I have plan to stay back a little longer in office everyday, one thing is to skip the jam, the second thing is to learn as much as possible and pick things up quickly in these 6 months.

I have been told there are some upcoming media pampering events in the mid of Feb, I am so excited for it! Hopefully I manage keep this fire burning through the internship.

I may not have so much time to update my blog but I will try, really try not to neglected it. Darling said he is still hoping to see me blog cz the house has TIME Fiber Optic internet which is like 10 times faster than streamyx and unifi!!

Who knows I may blog about the media pampering events that I am handling soon?! :p There are bloggers and celebrities as well but I am not sure who have been invited to the event. Feeling so different to attend media event as a marketer representing the brand instead of a blogger. Lol..

Anyway I am anticipating for more exciting events coming up soon! Will keep you guys updated!

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