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L'Oreal Professionnel HAIRchalk 2014

Hello! Long time no see..I almost forgot I am a blogger. Lol..When I attend event I don't tell or introduce myself as a no no..such a rude introduction! :p I just tell them humbly, I am the new marketing intern for L'Oreal Professionnel. 

By the way, I guess many of you knew that I am working with L'Oreal but you have not been told which brand I am working with. is L'Oreal Professionnel aka LP! Honestly, before I joined in I have no idea what L'Oreal Professionnel do, I even thought it is the same like L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise selling in Watson and Guardian..*haha..I know many of you are having the same thought right now*

Actually LP is not doing any similar like L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise. It is available in salon only. Yup, to those hair salon, so you don't see them in drugstore. It is similar like Kerastase, only selling and available in hair salon. So most of the time, I'm dealing with hair salon which is something new to me! 

I love my internship! So fun! I share them in Dayre. I can have various activities to write in my logbook instead of doing the same thing over and over again! And I managed to attend lots of launching and magazine events. Get to meet celebrities, editors, salon founder, so on and so forth! Seriously an eye opening experience and of course, everytime I tell people I'm the new intern with L'Oreal they will tell me "good luck la, you will be really busy!" Lol..should I be happy or what?! Haha..

Long story cut short. *Just let me drag on longer la, long time didn't blog what* Lol..

Bloggers pampering event at Centro Hair Salon, The Gardens. Have been knowing them for quite some time and finally there comes the chance to visit their salon. Feels so different to attend event as a representative of a brand instead of a blogger. XD


HAIRchalk is the product launching that I'm currently doing. There are five colours available in L'Oreal Professionnel hair salon during March. So end users will be able to try them out in salon or bought it back and DIY at home. 

There are five colours available, violet, pink, turquoise, orange and blue. So, normally hairstylists put it on with sponge, but for home user we have the applicator for you or you can definitely use a random brush *used toothbrush*, anything that suits you. 


Rainbow hair in the making. 


The five colours that I've mentioned earlier ago. 

By the way, it goes like this. First, you apply the hairchalk. It is different with the usual one selling in the market. Theirs are chalk but ours are in liquid form. So after you apply it on hair, comb it to prevent tangle, wait for a minute then blow dry. After that apply hair oil or serum then you will be good to go! Easy? Hehe..if you want intense colour then apply more layer.


Put on colour that you desired for. 


With Fiona, the beauty blogger. 


She is Julia. I love her hair. Hairstylists in Centro Hair Salon are really attentive. They are being so patient to dye every strip to have beautiful rainbow hair colour. I rarely see hairstylist in salon who are so attention to details. For those who are considering for a haircut, you can really think about Centro, The Gardens. Btw, KLCC has another branch. 


If you tied braid with this hair, it would be extremely pretty! You can achieved this hair colour without bleaching, how great it is! 

HAIRchalk can lasts 4 to 5 washes but depends on your hair condition. Many have tried out and really lasts longer than it supposed to be. The more colour you put, the darker your hair, the smoother your hair, the longer it lasts! It won't stain on your pillow and towel as well. Fret not, it is non-transferable! 


L'Oreal Professionnel, the brand that I'm working with. 


Upside down french braid! Search instagram for #kaytuan then you will know how great this hairstylist is who make this braid! See all the big names that he has worked with before! *wink*


Picture with Kittie! I want to show the back of her hair that is why I'm taking picture like this! Lolol..


With Julia, editor from HerWorld. She is the one that I told you doing the rainbow hair.

p/s If you bought it back, it is advisable to use only a strip rather than the entire hair. If you think it is dry or frizzy at the colour strip if you happen to DIY at home, then put on Mythic Oil at the colour strip then would be smooth and shine again. :-)


Tadaa! Like hair extension! Prettier when you see her in real person. 


Let's experience this during March then you will be amazed by the results! 


Perhaps, you can buy this yourself from salon that are selling LP products then DIY before heading to party or whatsoever! If you love the colour then hang in there, if not you can have Mythic Oil put directly on the colour strip then you can remove it easier and faster. 

Super convenient la I tell you! Especially to the IT girls, this is definitely a must item for you! Just one strip then you can stand out among the crowd! 

Retail price will be RM50 for one and let's bring the rainbow hair colour trend back again!

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Hashtag #hairchalklp if you happen to experience the product!

Till then! XOXO

p/s the first time I can write product launching post without referring to the press kit! Lol..

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